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Thoughtful Pay

Through our collective experiences in the executive compensation consulting and legal arenas, we can effectively work with companies to promote the attraction, retention and motivation of key management talent in a manner that is responsible and aligned with shareholders.

Compensia's mission is to establish business partner relationships with compensation committees and senior management teams to develop Thoughtful Pay solutions that support the business. Our Thoughtful Pay paradigm is grounded in six key design principles.


Pay programs are aligned with the company's compensation philosophy and business strategy.


Compensation opportunities balance the interests of the executive, other employees and shareholders given industry and specific business performance.

Market Competitiveness

Reward opportunities are consistent with business and labor market peers of comparable size and performance.


The “rules of the game” are clearly communicated to and understood by all constituencies, and the “line of sight” between the individual’s actions and rewards is clear.


Compensation programs are designed and approved by an informed Compensation Committee.


The program design features are easy to understand, explain and administer.