about us


We pride ourselves on tackling difficult executive compensation issues and finding a solution that is customized to the client, addresses the business problem, and balances the sometimes competing objectives of shareholders, the company and executives. In short, we develop Thoughtful Pay solutions.

Sarbanes-Oxley, new equity accounting rules and the heightened prominence of executive pay decision-making underscores the need for objective, expert and independent advice. Compensia is committed to helping Compensation Committees and senior management meet several challenges:


Implement a decision-making process that ensures regulatory compliance and provides a competitive business advantage.


Establish executive pay principles grounded in best practice, yet customized to specific business needs.

Competitive Pay

Provide competitive pay opportunities with a proper risk/reward profile that is aligned with key business initiatives.


Tailor compensation programs to address shareholder concerns without sacrificing the ability to attract and retain high-caliber talent.


Develop an effective equity strategy that balances performance requirements, dilution concerns, accounting/cash flow impact, and competitive labor pressures.

Director Pay

Implement Board of Director compensation programs that recognize the Directors’ fiduciary roles, increasing responsibilities and various skill-sets required to serve this function.